Charging Robotics, A Subsidiary Of Medigus, Secures Israel Innovation Authority Funding For Wireless EV Parking Chargers – Fuel Doctor Holdings (OTC:FDOC), Medigus (NASDAQ:MDGS)

Medigus Ltd. has launched a wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot program through its subsidiary, Charging Robotics Ltd., in an effort to address the need for automated parking systems. The project, which has received funding from the Israel Innovation Authority, aims to provide efficient EV solutions in the growing market.

Charging Robotics specializes in adaptive solutions for the evolving EV infrastructure, with a focus on wireless charging. Their systems are tailored for automated parking setups, providing seamless integration and high efficiency. This addresses the challenge of the absence of charging infrastructure in such environments.

The pilot program began in August 2023, with an evaluation pilot conducted in collaboration with an Israeli automated car park provider. The funding received from the Israel Innovation Authority, amounting to approximately NIS 1.2 million ($445,000), strengthens the initiative and projects significant growth within the expanding Automated Parking System market. This market is expected to reach $5.2 billion by 2032.

The wireless charging system developed by Charging Robotics offers a user-friendly, smartphone-initiated charging process and a scalable infrastructure for EVs. It operates at exceptional efficiencies of over 93%, overcoming the current challenges faced in automated car parks.

This innovative solution comes at a time when the EV market is booming and there is increasing interest in automated parking. It represents a significant step toward a more sustainable and efficient transportation future.

As of the last check on Tuesday, Medigus Ltd. shares were trading lower by 1.45% at $3.77. The company’s foray into wireless EV charging through its subsidiary, Charging Robotics, demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the evolving EV industry.

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