Brandon Aubrey has suddenly given Dallas reason to be worried

The Dallas Cowboys are heading into the playoffs with high hopes after securing the No. 2 seed in the NFC and a third consecutive 12-win season. However, there is one concern that could potentially derail their postseason aspirations – the timing of kicker Brandon Aubrey’s first two misses.

In the last game of the regular season, Aubrey had his first two misses after making 35 field goal attempts in a row. While some fans have blamed the FOX broadcast team for mentioning his streak, others believe that it was better for Aubrey to get those misses out of his system before the playoffs.

There are two ways to look at this situation. Some fans believe that it’s a good thing that Aubrey had his first misses in a low-pressure situation, as it gives him the opportunity to learn from his mistakes and improve before the playoffs. On the other hand, there are pessimists who worry that this could be a sign of trouble for the Cowboys.

In 1998, Gary Anderson of the Minnesota Vikings made 35 field goals without missing, only to finally miss in the NFC Championship Game, costing the Vikings a trip to the Super Bowl. Compared to that, Aubrey’s two misses in the 17th game of the regular season may not seem as bad. However, the fact that Aubrey went 16 games without a miss and then missed two in the final game should be cause for concern.

In a game against the four-win Washington Commanders, Aubrey had a 32-yard field goal blocked and hit the upright on another attempt. While the Cowboys managed to win the game and secure the NFC East title, the fact that Aubrey had those misses against a struggling team raises some doubts.

The Cowboys will be facing the Green Bay Packers in the wild-card game, and on paper, they should be able to win easily. However, as we know, games are not played on paper. The Packers have been scrappy and their quarterback, Jordan Love, has improved throughout the year. If the game is close late, the Cowboys may have reason to worry about Aubrey.

Even in a shootout involving the league leaders in touchdown passes, Aubrey is likely to get a couple of attempts. The question is whether those misses against Washington will affect his confidence and performance in a pressure situation in the playoffs.

Aubrey was riding high with a 35-field goal streak, but missing two kicks in a single game may have humbled him or made him second-guess himself. It’s possible that he will brush off that game and perform well in the playoffs, but there will undoubtedly be some tense moments leading up to his first postseason field goal attempt.

The Cowboys have had a successful season so far, but breaking their unlucky streak of bowing out before championship weekend will require a strong performance from all players, including Aubrey. Only time will tell if he can overcome his recent misses and help the Cowboys make a deep playoff run.

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