‘Blind Side’s Michael Oher Extorted Us, Tuohys Claim in Legal Docs

is a HTML element that is used to define a division or a section in an HTML document. It is a container that can hold other HTML elements and is often used to group and organize content.

In the given article, the use of

is seen multiple times. It is used to create image blocks, text blocks, video blocks, and article blocks. These

elements are given unique IDs and classes to distinguish them and apply specific styles or functionality.

For example, in the first

with the class “image-block”, it is used to create an image block with a link to view the image. The image is then wrapped inside the

using the class “img-wrapper”. This allows for easy styling and positioning of the image.

Similarly, in the second

with the class “video-block”, it is used to create a video block with a play button. The video block has a specific aspect ratio and the image is loaded inside the

using the class “video-block__image-holder”.


elements are also used to create sections within the article. Each section has a unique ID and class, and they contain different content such as text paragraphs, images, or videos.

Overall, the use of

in this article demonstrates its versatility as a container element in HTML. It allows for easy organization and structuring of content, making it a fundamental element in web development.

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