Bills Mafia having good laugh at frostbit Chiefs fans

Bills Mafia definitely having a good laugh at the expense of frostbite Chiefs fans

It’s a good thing Kansas City goes on the road this weekend because I’m not sure their fans have thawed yet. According to reports, 69 people were treated by the fire department during Saturday’s Wild-Card win, with half showing signs of hypothermia. Fifteen people were sent to the hospital, with three fans being treated for frostbite. Though temperatures are forecast to be 40 degrees warmer in KC on Sunday, it’s still supposed to be hovering around freezing.

You could spot the human-popsicle candidates during NBC’s live pregame and any parent who brought a kid under the age of 5 to the stadium before kickoff should answer to child services. Not sure where the folks of the shirtless 30-year-old jackass were, but you can be certain they were mightily embarrassed when Chad popped up on screen at the local watch party.

Half-frozen fans were to be expected when it’s -29 windchill, but I’ll have you note that Bills Mafia suffers through feet of snow seemingly every playoffs and those freaks aren’t spending half the game in a warming tent. There’s 19 inches of lake snow predicted in Orchard Park over the next 48 hours, less than four days after the Bills asked people to provide their own shovels to dig out their seats Monday.

It doesn’t appear the divisional round game — Sunday at 6:30 local time — is under threat of a weather-related postponement, which is a good thing because Highmark Stadium is going to be all kinds of tuned up for Chiefs-Bills III: This Time, It’s Personal.

And another thing you don’t see from Bills fans: Josh Allen’s rumored girlfriend, Hailee Steinfeld, aka Spider-Gwen, aka Hawkeye, isn’t walking down the tunnel in a No. 17 parka. You want to be featured on fits, Taylor? Go strut on one of the million runways available to you.

So for any actress out there that want to be an artist and want to stay a star, and don’t want to have to worry about trying to be all in the videos, all on the record, dancing … come to Death Row! Err, Buffalo.

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