Baltimore Ravens to honor RB who assaulted fiancee in elevator

Title: Baltimore Ravens’ Controversial Decision to Honor Ray Rice Sparks Outrage


The Baltimore Ravens have ignited a firestorm of criticism by announcing their intention to honor former NFL running back Ray Rice during their upcoming game. Rice’s career came to an abrupt end in 2014 after a video surfaced showing him assaulting his then-fiancée in an elevator. The decision to honor Rice has drawn widespread condemnation, raising questions about the team’s values and the message it sends regarding domestic violence.

A Troubled Past:

The Ravens’ choice to honor Rice is particularly perplexing given the gravity of his actions. The video footage, which went viral, showed Rice knocking his fiancée unconscious and dragging her out of an Atlantic City casino elevator. The incident sparked a national conversation about domestic violence, leading to public outrage and condemnation.

Dismissal of Charges:

Although criminal charges against Rice were ultimately dropped, the incident tarnished his reputation and ended his football career. The decision by the Ravens to honor Rice seems to disregard the seriousness of his actions, as well as the impact it had on victims of domestic violence.

Tone-Deaf Remarks:

In the announcement, the Ravens issued a statement that many found tone-deaf and insensitive. The team highlighted Rice’s redemption and personal growth, stating that he had been working on himself, his relationship, and within the community. However, this approach fails to acknowledge the lasting trauma suffered by domestic violence victims and the importance of holding perpetrators accountable.

A Pattern of Controversial Honors:

This is not the first time the Baltimore Ravens have faced criticism for honoring players with controversial pasts. The team previously inducted Ray Lewis into its Ring of Honor, despite his involvement in a double murder case that was later dropped. Similarly, Jamal Lewis, who served jail time after pleading guilty to using a cell phone to arrange a drug deal, was also honored.

The Character Clause:

The Ravens’ decision to honor Rice and other players with questionable backgrounds raises concerns about the team’s adherence to their own character clause. The character clause is often cited as a guiding principle for honoring individuals who demonstrate exemplary conduct both on and off the field. By disregarding this principle, the Ravens risk undermining the integrity of their organization and sending the wrong message to fans and the wider community.


The Baltimore Ravens’ decision to honor Ray Rice has sparked widespread outrage and condemnation. By choosing to celebrate a player with a history of domestic violence, the team appears to be prioritizing on-field success over the moral responsibility to stand against such behavior. This controversial decision not only undermines the team’s reputation but also sends a troubling message to victims of domestic violence and the wider community. It is imperative for organizations to hold themselves to a higher standard and take a stand against violence and abuse.

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