Arnold Schwarzenegger Meets with Survivors of Oct. 7 Hamas Attack on Israel

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4. Meeting Details:
– The article mentions Arnold Schwarzenegger meeting with family members of Israeli hostages held by Hamas.
– It also highlights the emotional moments and the presentation of bronze eagle statues to the families.

5. Personal Account:
– The article includes the story of a 14-year-old survivor, Ella Shani, who shares the tragic incident involving her father’s murder and her cousin’s kidnapping by Hamas terrorists.

6. Emotional Interaction:
– The article describes how Arnold Schwarzenegger became emotional during Ella’s account, and they hugged at the end.
– It also mentions Arnold showing Ella some of his movie memorabilia.

7. Museum Partnership:
– The meeting was organized by the Museum of Tolerance Jerusalem, with which Arnold Schwarzenegger has been partnering for years.

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