Ariana DeBose’s ‘Hamilton’ Costar Defends Her Talent After Award Show Jab

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The article discusses the recent controversy surrounding Ariana DeBose, a former “Hamilton” co-star. The controversy arose after a joke made at her expense during the Critics Choice Awards left her visibly insulted. Christopher Jackson, who played George Washington alongside Ariana in the musical, came to her defense, emphasizing her tremendous skill and talent. He praised her as a world-class artist and highlighted her ability to excel in all aspects of musical theatre.

The article also mentions Victoria Theodore, the musical director for “The Donna Summer Musical” in which Ariana starred. Victoria criticized Bella Ramsey for delivering the offensive joke and defended Ariana’s singing abilities. She highlighted the challenges of singing live on Broadway while dancing and acting, but praised Ariana for her exceptional talent in all aspects of musical theatre.

The article includes images and videos related to the topic, providing visual context for the readers. It also mentions Ariana’s reaction to the joke, which went viral on social media. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, the article states that Ariana has a strong support system in Hollywood and that the joke does not reflect the overall sentiment towards her.

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