Ariana DeBose Responds to Critics Choice Jab About Thinking She Can Sing

Ariana DeBose, known for her incredible talent as both an actor and singer, found herself at the center of a joke during the Critics Choice Awards. The joke, made by presenters Bella Ramsey and Anthony Ramos, lumped DeBose in with actors who became singers in their movies, alongside Ryan Gosling and Jack Black.

The camera cut to DeBose’s face at that moment, and she appeared confused and perhaps even insulted by the comment. And it turns out, that’s exactly how she felt inside. Taking to Instagram, DeBose expressed her sentiment, writing, “I Didn’t Find It Funny Lol.”

While some may argue that the joke was meant in good fun, fans quickly jumped to DeBose’s defense. They pointed out that the joke was technically inaccurate because DeBose can indeed sing, and she does so flawlessly. Not only has she received accolades for her musical performances on camera, but she has also made a name for herself on Broadway.

Comparing DeBose to actors like Jack Black and Ryan Gosling, who are not known primarily for their singing abilities, seemed off to many fans. It’s clear that DeBose has proven herself as a talented singer and performer, making the joke seem misplaced.

This incident raises questions about how actors are perceived and pigeonholed based on their roles. DeBose’s experience serves as a reminder that actors are multifaceted individuals with a range of talents and abilities. It’s important to recognize and appreciate their diverse skills rather than limiting them to one aspect of their craft.

In the end, it seems like one of the scriptwriters for the Critics Choice Awards may not be a fan of DeBose or her talents. However, the backlash from fans shows that DeBose has a strong support system who appreciates her for the incredible artist she is.

It’s clear that DeBose’s star will continue to rise, and she will undoubtedly prove her critics wrong with her future performances. As fans, we should continue to support and celebrate her talent, knowing that she is more than capable of shining in any role she takes on.

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