Apollo Neuro Wearable Combines ‘Good Vibes’ With AI To Alleviate Stress, Anxiety

Apollo Neuroscience has unveiled its latest wearable technology, the Apollo Neuro, at CES 2024. This wrist or ankle band promises to alleviate stress and anxiety by emitting various feel-good vibrations. According to a Mashable report, the innovative band aims to help users navigate high-anxiety situations, such as social functions, by delivering appropriate vibrations.

One of the standout features of the Apollo Neuro is its optional SmartVibes feature, which utilizes AI to provide personalized experiences based on the user’s health and sleep patterns. This feature is available as a subscription for $99.99 annually for iOS users and $79.99 for Android users. SmartVibes uses AI to predict when users need rest or an energy boost.

The reviewer appreciated the Apollo Neuro for its data collection capabilities and its ability to connect with the Oura ring. The wearable also offers preset vibration profiles designed to enhance specific mental states or activities, such as “Energy,” “Social,” “Focus,” “Recover,” “Calm,” “Unwind,” and “Fall Asleep.”

Apollo Neuroscience claims to have seen improvements in various areas through clinical trials, including heart-rate variability (HRV), sleep quality, cardiovascular recovery, focus, concentration, stress reduction, and positive behavior. Participants in the trials ranged from athletes to adults diagnosed with ADHD.

The Apollo Neuro wearable builds on the company’s previous innovation in wellness technology. In October 2023, Apollo Neuroscience introduced SmartVibes, the first wearable with AI-driven personalized sleep and stress relief. This technology aims to calm the body and restore balance to the nervous system by delivering gentle, soothing vibrations that have been scientifically validated to improve sleep and lower stress.

With the Apollo Neuro, Apollo Neuroscience takes its commitment to wellness technology a step further. The wearable’s integration with user data and its ability to deliver personalized experiences based on health and sleep patterns make it a noteworthy addition to the wellness wearables category.

In conclusion, the Apollo Neuro wearable offers a unique approach to alleviating stress and anxiety through “good vibes” and AI technology. Its ability to provide personalized experiences based on user data sets it apart from other wellness wearables on the market. As technology continues to advance, innovations like the Apollo Neuro have the potential to greatly improve mental well-being and overall quality of life.

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