Amazon buying stake in Bally Sports is rare win for fans

The Only Streaming Platform Fans Want for Sporting Events

In the age of streaming, sports fans are always on the lookout for the best platform to watch their favorite teams in action. And it seems that the only streaming platform fans truly want is one that they already have a subscription to. That’s why Amazon’s recent move to acquire a minority stake in Bally Sports is being hailed as a rare win for the fans.

The announcement, made on Wednesday, is a significant boost for Diamond Sports Group (DSG), the owner of Bally Sports, as it continues its efforts to recover from bankruptcy. This move not only helps DSG financially but also ensures that fans can enjoy streaming their favorite sporting events on a platform they are already subscribed to.

For fans of the 37 teams under the Bally banner, this news is especially exciting. They will now have the opportunity to stream their club’s games on Amazon Prime if they are in the local market. This is fantastic news for cord-cutters who are looking to consolidate their subscriptions. With ESPN planning to release its own direct-to-consumer option in a couple of years, there will soon be only a few live sports services that require additional passwords or rely on inconsistent illegal streams.

While this development is a win for fans, it is a blow to cable companies who are once again left scrambling for reasons to justify their existence. Bally Sports filed for bankruptcy partly because cable companies refused to meet their asking prices, all while grappling with the financial impact of streaming services. As more and more consumers turn to streaming platforms, cable companies are losing out on revenue.

For many of us, this is a welcome comeuppance for cable companies that have been pestering us for years. It’s hard to forget the constant reminders to return equipment that was taken out of circulation ages ago. With the decline of landlines and cable boxes, these companies are left with only one thing – the internet. And they will hold onto it for as long as possible, until even Jeff Bezos can’t pry it from their grasp.

If Peacock, another streaming platform, really wanted to entice users to pay for its services, perhaps it should have considered purchasing Bally Sports. These kinds of strategic acquisitions are the reason why Bezos is on track to become a trillionaire within the decade. Customers initially signed up for two-day shipping, and now they’re getting free access to NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games, as well as exclusive shows like “Reacher.”

While this may seem like a win for consumers, it’s important to consider the long-term consequences. As a handful of companies control the profits from the world’s content consumption, it won’t be long before greed sets in and prices start to rise. Executives will demand raises, and those costs will inevitably be passed on to the consumers.

Sports serve as a release for many people, a way to switch off their brains and escape the stresses of everyday life. The more affordable and accessible these outlets are, the better. Worries about raises, the economy, and the powers that be become irrelevant when fans can immerse themselves in the excitement of a game.

So, while we celebrate these small victories and the ability to stream our favorite teams, let’s not forget the bigger picture. We must strive for a balance where fans can enjoy their favorite sports without being at the mercy of a handful of corporate giants.

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