Amanda Bynes Says She’s Resuming Podcast After Brief Pause

Amanda Bynes is not giving up on her podcast after all. Despite initially announcing that she was going to pull the plug after just one episode, Amanda has had a change of heart and is determined to soldier on.

In her podcast, titled “Amanda Bynes and Paul Sieminski: The Podcast,” Amanda had expressed disappointment over the lack of big-name guests. She had hoped that A-list musicians like Drake, Jack Harlow, and Post Malone would join her on the show, but they were not lining up as she had anticipated.

However, after some convincing from her friends, Amanda has decided to give the podcast another chance. She now realizes that building a following takes time, and she is optimistic that the big-name guests she had in mind might join her down the road.

It’s worth noting that Amanda’s podcast will not delve into her mental health struggles or her Hollywood career. Instead, she aims to focus on other topics and create an engaging and entertaining show for her listeners.

Despite the initial setback, Amanda’s podcast seems to be doing well on Spotify early on. She already has some guests lined up, and she is excited to record new episodes.

This turn of events serves as a reminder that success in the podcasting world takes perseverance and patience. Amanda’s decision to continue her podcast demonstrates her determination to make it work, and she is hopeful that as the show grows, more guests will come on board.

In conclusion, Amanda Bynes is not giving up on her podcast. She has decided to push forward, despite the initial challenges, and is excited to create more episodes for her listeners to enjoy. With time and dedication, Amanda’s podcast has the potential to attract the big-name guests she had in mind.

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