Aaron Rodgers Says He Never Called Jimmy Kimmel A Pedophile

Title: Aaron Rodgers Clarifies Comments About Jimmy Kimmel and Jeffrey Epstein


Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, recently appeared on the “Pat McAfee Show” to address his controversial comments regarding talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel and his alleged ties to Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious sex trafficker. Rodgers, adamant that he never insinuated Kimmel was a pedophile, took the opportunity to explain the context and intentions behind his remarks.

Rodgers and Kimmel’s Dispute

During the conversation with Pat McAfee, Rodgers revealed that he and Kimmel had been at odds since the COVID-19 pandemic began. According to Rodgers, Kimmel had accused him of being wrong about certain issues, including the existence of an Epstein list. The NFL star claimed that Kimmel referred to him as an “overly concussed wacko” for holding this belief.

Rodgers’ Explanation

Rodgers clarified that when he mentioned Kimmel in relation to the hypothetical release of an Epstein list, he was not accusing Kimmel of any wrongdoing. Rather, he was highlighting the possibility that if such a list were to surface, it would validate his previous statements that had been dismissed by Kimmel and others in the media.

Concern for Serious Allegations

Recognizing the gravity of accusations related to pedophilia, Rodgers explicitly stated that he would never make such claims without substantial evidence. He emphasized his understanding of the severity of the issue and asserted that he was not foolish enough to accuse anyone without proper justification.

Media’s Role in Cancel Culture

Rodgers expressed his belief that the media, including Kimmel, was attempting to cancel him due to his polarizing beliefs. He suggested that Kimmel’s joke writers were instrumental in perpetuating this agenda, insinuating that they were responsible for shaping the host’s opinions about him. While acknowledging Kimmel’s ability to deliver scripted jokes, Rodgers maintained that he wished him the best and was not accusing him of being associated with Epstein.

Moving Forward

While Rodgers did not offer an apology during the interview, it should be noted that Kimmel demanded one during his own show, “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” In a nearly eight-minute diatribe, Kimmel vehemently denied any connection to Epstein and hurled insults at Rodgers. Despite this, Rodgers expressed his desire to move on from the heated exchange and put the drama behind him.


Aaron Rodgers’ appearance on the “Pat McAfee Show” provided an opportunity for him to clarify his comments about Jimmy Kimmel and Jeffrey Epstein. Insisting that he never accused Kimmel of being a pedophile, Rodgers explained the context of his remarks and expressed his concern for the seriousness of such allegations. While the dispute between Rodgers and Kimmel remains unresolved, Rodgers made it clear that he hopes to move forward and leave the controversy behind.

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