Xi Jinping Purges Military Amid Widespread Corruption, Reports Of Flawed Missiles

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reportedly initiated a significant military purge in response to concerns about rampant corruption within China’s armed forces. U.S. intelligence sources have disclosed that this corruption extends to China’s Rocket Force and its defense industrial base, with examples ranging from missiles filled with water instead of fuel to malfunctioning missile silos.

Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign within the military has resulted in the removal of over a dozen senior defense officials in the past six months, marking one of China’s most extensive crackdowns on military corruption. Surprisingly, these purges have not weakened Xi’s hold on power; instead, they reflect his commitment to improving discipline and eradicating corruption within the military, thereby ensuring China’s military readiness in the long term.

The extent of corruption within China’s defense sector has raised concerns about its ability to effectively modernize its armed forces. Xi Jinping had devoted significant resources to transform the military into a modern force by 2027, including elevating the Rocket Force, which plays a pivotal role in any potential invasion of Taiwan. However, corruption within the military has not only set back Xi’s modernization goals but also eroded confidence in China’s military capabilities, particularly the Rocket Force.

While U.S. intelligence sources have highlighted the challenges in verifying these assessments, as the Chinese military does not announce its corruption investigations publicly, it is clear that Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive within the military is continuing. Recent purges and efforts to wage a “war on graft” within the armed forces demonstrate his determination to address corruption and ensure the effectiveness of China’s military.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the extent of corruption and its impact on China’s military capabilities, the ongoing anti-corruption drive signifies Xi Jinping’s commitment to improving discipline and eradicating corruption within the armed forces. This effort is crucial for China’s long-term military readiness and its aspiration to become a modern military power.

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