US ‘Would Do The Same Thing’ If It Was Attacked Like Israel, John Kirby Says Amid Concerns Around Civilian Casualties

In a recent interview on Fox News, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby expressed support for Israel’s right to defend itself following a deadly attack by Hamas. Kirby emphasized that if the United States were attacked in a similar manner, it would respond in a similar fashion.

The attack by Hamas on October 7th was described by Kirby as a brutal assault on a sovereign nation. He stated that Israel has every right and responsibility to go after the terrorist group responsible for the attack, especially considering their stated intentions to continue such actions in the future.

Kirby’s remarks came in response to questions about proposals to restrict US aid to Israel. He assured that the US would not cease providing security assistance to Israel and would continue to share its knowledge on urban warfare. He also stressed the importance of careful target selection to avoid civilian casualties.

“We obviously will continue to talk to them about being as careful and cautious as possible,” Kirby said. “We don’t want to see any more innocent civilians killed.”

The Israeli counterattacks on Gaza, targeting Hamas, have resulted in a significant number of fatalities and injuries. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, there have been over 15,000 fatalities and more than 41,000 injuries. Critics argue that the situation has turned into a humanitarian crisis as essential supplies dwindle in the territory.

On the other hand, Israel has also suffered casualties from attacks by Hamas and other Palestinian militants. The Israel Defense Forces reported that at least 1,200 individuals have lost their lives, and 6,900 others have sustained injuries.

The ongoing conflict has led to the displacement of civilians in the Gaza Strip, with the IDF requesting residents to vacate extensive areas in the southern regions. The military operations in the area continue to escalate tensions.

This situation has prompted concerns from lawmakers, such as Senator Chris Murphy, who have expressed worries about civilian casualties and called for future American aid to Israel to be linked to compliance with international humanitarian law.

The conflict between Israel and Hamas remains a complex and deeply rooted issue, with both sides experiencing devastating consequences. As the situation continues to unfold, it is crucial for international actors to work towards a peaceful resolution that prioritizes the protection of innocent lives.

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