The NFL needs to bring the bench press back to Pro Bowl weekend

The Pro Bowl games, an annual celebration of the NFL’s top players, have taken on a new format that resembles a summer camp rather than a traditional football game. The list of events for this year’s Pro Bowl was released on Wednesday, revealing a lineup of activities that includes dodgeball, tug of war, and flag football instead of tackle.

While the intention behind these changes may be to make the Pro Bowl more exciting, some argue that it has missed the mark. One of the main criticisms is the choice of location. The Pro Bowl is currently held in Orlando, which is a lovely city but lacks the allure of Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Miami – all of which are markets with NFL teams. Critics argue that hosting the event in one of these cities would generate more interest and excitement.

Additionally, there are those who believe that the Pro Bowl should bring back one of its most popular events – the bench-press contest. This contest, which was a part of the Pro Bowl weekend in the past, saw players compete to see who could lift 225 pounds the most times. One of the most memorable performances in this event came from Larry Allen during the 2006 Pro Bowl. Allen managed to lift the weight an astonishing 43 consecutive times, leaving spectators in awe of his strength.

There is a strong desire among fans to see current NFL players attempt to break Allen’s record. Players like Aaron Donald, known for his impressive workout videos and dominant performances on the field, would surely be entertaining to watch. Other players like Trent Williams, Penei Sewell, Dexter Lawrence, Frank Ragnow, and Tyron Smith, who are known for their size and strength, would also be intriguing competitors in a bench-press contest.

While the Pro Bowl has tried to introduce creative events to engage viewers, it seems that a return to the classic bench-press contest would be a welcome addition. After all, football is a sport that requires immense strength, and watching these athletes showcase their power in a weightlifting competition would undoubtedly captivate audiences.

Despite the criticisms and suggestions for improvement, it remains to be seen whether the Pro Bowl games will continue to evolve or revert to its traditional format. For now, fans can only hope that the league listens to their calls for the return of the bench-press contest and other exciting events that showcase the incredible strength and athleticism of the NFL’s top players.

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