The Carolina Panthers have written the manual on trash owners

The Carolina Panthers, an NFL franchise that represents both North and South Carolina, has gone from being a successful team to a complete mess in less than a decade. With a string of fines totaling three million dollars and two owners who have displayed atrocious behavior, it’s clear that the Panthers are in dire need of a turnaround.

The current owner, David Tepper, has faced his fair share of controversies. In a recent incident, Tepper was caught on video throwing drinks at opposing fans and was subsequently fined $300,000. He later issued a statement expressing regret for his behavior and acknowledging that he should have let stadium security handle any issues that arose. While he accepted the league’s discipline, fans have started a petition to remove him from his position.

Since Tepper took over the franchise in 2018, the Panthers have struggled on the field. They have consistently had one of the worst records in the NFL over the past few seasons and have not had a winning season under Tepper’s ownership. Additionally, the team has gone through six different head coaches during this time, further adding to the instability and lack of success.

However, the problems within the Panthers’ ownership go beyond Tepper. The previous owner, Jerry Richardson, was also embroiled in controversy. In 2017, Richardson announced that he would be selling the team after being fined $2.75 million following an investigation that uncovered allegations of racism and sexual harassment. Richardson had made confidential payouts for workplace misconduct, including instances of sexual harassment and his use of racial slurs.

These instances of misconduct shed light on the larger issues within the NFL. The league has a history of excluding women and people of color from positions of power, perpetuating a culture of misogyny and racism. Despite the negative publicity that owners like Richardson and Tepper bring, the NFL seems more concerned with maintaining its viewership and profits than addressing these systemic problems.

The Carolina Panthers have experienced back-to-back failed ownership tenures due to the actions of individuals who should never have been allowed to control a professional sports franchise. The lack of accountability within the league is evident, and it raises questions about the NFL’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

As fans, it is essential to recognize the impact of our support. When ownership changes hands in the future, and women and people of color are excluded from positions of power, we must hold the NFL accountable. By continuing to watch and support a league that tolerates such behavior, we inadvertently contribute to the perpetuation of these issues.

The Carolina Panthers are currently in a state of disarray, with a long road ahead to rebuild the team’s reputation and success. It is crucial for the NFL and its fans to demand better from the league and its owners, ensuring that incidents like these are not just swept under the rug. Only then can we hope to see real change and progress in the world of professional sports.

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