Mickey Mouse’s Public Domain Arrival Comes With ‘Infestation 88’ — A New Horror Game – Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS)

Nightmare Forge Games has recently announced its upcoming project, a survival horror game called Infestation 88. This game takes inspiration from the iconic character Steamboat Willie and adds a dark twist to the nostalgia.

Infestation 88 is a 1-4 player survival horror co-op game for PC. It aims to combine elements of terror with childhood nostalgia. The game is set in 1988 and revolves around a menacing rodent outbreak. Players must use strategic thinking to decide whether to fight, run, or hide, depending on the situation. The gameplay also includes trap settings, CCTV camera usage, and randomized item layouts to keep the matches unique.

In addition, Nightmare Forge Games has promised private and public lobbies, character customization, scaling enemy behavior, and DLSS support for the game. Infestation 88 is now available to be added to your wishlist on Steam.

The development of Infestation 88 comes shortly after beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse entered the public domain on the first day of 2024. These characters, originally creations of Walt Disney Co, can now be redesigned and reshaped without needing permission. This marks a significant shift, as copyrights from 1928 expired, opening the door for various potential creative endeavors.

The transition of Mickey Mouse into the public domain is a historic moment, occurring a century after the character’s debut. It was influenced by Disney’s lobbying efforts in the 1970s and 1990s to extend copyright laws. Now, creators have the freedom to explore and reimagine these iconic characters in new and innovative ways.

Infestation 88 is just one example of how artists and developers can take advantage of this new creative landscape. By incorporating the dark and horror elements into the nostalgic world of Steamboat Willie, Nightmare Forge Games is presenting a unique gaming experience that appeals to both fans of survival horror and those who have a fondness for classic characters.

The release of Infestation 88 and the entrance of Mickey Mouse into the public domain signify a new era of creativity and exploration. It will be exciting to see how other artists and developers take advantage of this opportunity and bring fresh perspectives to beloved characters like Mickey Mouse and beyond.

In conclusion, Nightmare Forge Games’ upcoming survival horror game, Infestation 88, adds a dark twist to the nostalgia of Steamboat Willie. With the recent entry of Mickey Mouse into the public domain, this game and other creative endeavors have the freedom to reimagine and reshape beloved characters in exciting and innovative ways. This marks a significant moment in the world of gaming and entertainment, and we can’t wait to see what other unique experiences emerge from this new creative landscape.

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