Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Meta Is Working On An AI-Powered Wrist Band: ‘One Of The Wilder Things We’re Working On’ – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

Meta Platforms Inc. (NASDAQ: META) CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that his company is working on an AI-powered wristband after unveiling Ray-Ban AI glasses in 2023.

Zuckerberg believes that some of the best inventions currently are those that will bring AI technology to the general public. In line with this vision, Meta is now focusing on developing an AI wristband, as disclosed by Zuckerberg on the Morning Brew Daily podcast.

“One of the wilder things we’re working on is this neural interface,” Zuckerberg stated. “It’s a neural interface in the sense that… the way your brain communicates with your body and controls the way you move is that it sends these nervous system signals to your muscles.”

Zuckerberg explained that these signals can be picked up with an EMG wristband, emphasizing that the brain has untapped bandwidth that can be utilized. While this may sound similar to Elon Musk’s Neuralink neural chip, Zuckerberg clarified that he is not looking to implant the chip’s first version just yet.

He highlighted the potential of tech products like Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses with AI capabilities to enable incredible advancements. “Having glasses that can see what you see, hear what you hear, you can ask it questions about what’s going on around you,” Zuckerberg noted.

The CEO did not disclose the current stage of development for the AI wristband, but it is evident that Meta is actively working on its creation.

One significant application of AI smart glasses is their usefulness in helping individuals understand and learn about new surroundings, such as historical sites or forests, without the need to manually search for information on their phones.

Zuckerberg emphasized the value of such technology, stating, “It’s just going to be super valuable.”

As Meta continues to innovate in the realm of AI technology, the development of an AI wristband marks another step towards bringing advanced innovations to the general public. Stay tuned for more updates on Meta’s latest advancements in consumer tech.

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