Marijuana Users And Gun Supporters Gear Up For Imminent Colorado Ballot Measure Battle

Backers of a proposed ballot initiative in Colorado are pushing for a change in gun ownership laws that would allow marijuana users to obtain concealed carry permits. The initiative, spearheaded by the group Guns for Everyone, aims to remove barriers that prevent cannabis consumers from owning guns.

Under federal law, “unlawful users” of controlled substances, including marijuana, are prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. However, in Colorado, recreational marijuana has been legal for a decade, creating a conflict with federal firearm regulations.

The proposed ballot initiative seeks to address this conflict by removing language from Colorado law that disqualifies concealed carry permit applicants if they are ineligible to own a gun under federal law. It would add an explicit exception for marijuana use, allowing users to apply for permits despite the federal ban.

Edgar Antillon, co-founder of Guns for Everyone, sees this initiative as a strategic first step towards broader gun ownership reforms. He views marijuana as a “low-hanging fruit,” a winnable issue that can pave the way for loosening restrictions on gun ownership for those with dishonorable discharges or other substance use histories.

Antillon believes that tackling the issues with the highest chances of success is the key to achieving their goals. He sees the support for this initiative growing among both gun rights advocates and the cannabis community.

While this is not the first attempt to gather enough signatures for a similar initiative, Antillon remains optimistic about its chances this time around. He believes there is a growing readiness among Coloradans to bridge the legal gap between marijuana and gun ownership.

The outcome of Wednesday’s hearing with the Secretary of State will determine if the initiative moves forward and if a signature-gathering campaign will be launched to get the measure on the November ballot. It remains to be seen whether Coloradans are ready to challenge the current restrictions and allow marijuana users to obtain concealed carry permits.

Overall, this proposed ballot initiative represents an ongoing debate about the intersection of marijuana legalization and gun ownership rights. It brings attention to the legal conflicts that exist between state and federal laws and raises questions about the rights of cannabis consumers to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

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