Marcus Stroman now gets to rip the Yankees while they pay him

The New York Yankees have made an interesting choice in their pursuit of pitching talent. Instead of going for top-notch options, they have turned to Marcus Stroman, a pitcher who has openly expressed his dislike for the team and their general manager. Stroman recently signed a two-year, $37 million deal with the Yankees.

This decision speaks volumes about the current state of the Yankees. Rather than making a splash in the market and acquiring a high-caliber pitcher to complement Gerrit Cole, they settled for Stroman. While Stroman is not necessarily a bad pitcher, there are concerns about his consistency and durability.

Last season, Stroman started off strong but struggled in the second half due to back issues. He will turn 33 early in the upcoming season, and there are questions about how much he has left in the tank. Additionally, Stroman hasn’t surpassed 140 innings in the last two seasons, and injuries become more common as players age.

The Yankees’ starting rotation beyond Cole is also uncertain. Carlos Rodon, who has struggled in the past, is slated to be the No. 2 starter. There are also question marks surrounding Nestor Cortes and Clarke Schmidt. The bullpen is not as strong as it once was, and it would be challenging for them to compensate for a rotation with several injury-prone pitchers.

While Stroman’s contract is not financially burdensome, it raises the question of why the Yankees are concerned about payroll efficiency. They are a team with immense resources and should be willing to spend on proven talent. Pitchers like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery may be overpaid, but they are more reliable options than Stroman and others available.

It seems that the Yankees’ owner, Hal Steinbrenner, is focused on cost-cutting, which is concerning for fans of the team. The Baltimore Orioles and Tampa Bay Rays, who have significantly lower payrolls, have been able to outmaneuver the Yankees in the market. This is not the position the Yankees are accustomed to being in.

In contrast to the Yankees, the Chicago Cubs have been more active this offseason. They recently acquired Michael Busch and Yencer Almonte from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Busch, a highly regarded prospect, has shown promise in the minor leagues and could fill a hole at third base for the Cubs. If he can translate his success to the major leagues, it would be a steal for the team.

The Cubs’ offseason could be considered successful if they can also acquire Rhys Hoskins and/or re-sign Cody Bellinger. These moves would address key areas of need and solidify their roster for the upcoming season.

Overall, the Yankees’ decision to sign Stroman reflects a concerning trend for the team. They seem more focused on financial considerations than acquiring top-tier talent. Meanwhile, the Cubs have been more active and are looking to improve their roster for the upcoming season. It will be interesting to see how these decisions play out for both teams in the long run.

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