Kliff Kingsbury could be calling Chicago home real soon

Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury may soon make an unexpected return to the NFL. According to reports, the Chicago Bears have shown interest in Kingsbury because their projected No. 1 pick, Caleb Williams, wants him as his head coach.

While some may call it a setup, it is clear that the Bears are trying to make Williams comfortable by bringing in Kingsbury if they select him in the upcoming draft. It seems that Williams has handpicked his future head coach at the next level.

However, this move is transparent to many observers. Kingsbury, despite having an 11-win campaign in Arizona, experienced a rapid downfall during his last year with the Cardinals. He was hired by the Cardinals after a lackluster tenure at Texas Tech, where he only managed to finish above .500 twice in six years. Even with the experience of coaching Patrick Mahomes in college, Kingsbury’s appointment as the Cardinals’ head coach felt like a stretch at the time.

After his departure from Arizona in January of last year, it seemed unlikely that Kingsbury would be back in NFL circles anytime soon. Many expected him to return to the college ranks in some capacity. However, the Bears, with the No. 1 pick and the quarterback Kingsbury worked with at USC this past season, have changed that narrative.

The potential hiring of Kingsbury by the Bears could set off a chain reaction of moves in the organization. General manager Ryan Poles will likely look to trade their current quarterback, Justin Fields, to make room for Williams. The Bears are desperate to find a successful combination of head coaches and quarterbacks that can bring stability to the franchise.

Chicago has been stuck in a cycle of short-lived success and constant turnover at the coaching position. Ending this cycle and finding a winning formula for the long term is the ultimate goal for the Bears. While Lovie Smith had some success as the head coach, the city has not seen sustained success since the days of Mike Ditka in the 1980s. Unfortunately, Kingsbury does not appear to be the person who can turn things around for the Bears.

Only time will tell if the Bears’ interest in Kingsbury will lead to a successful partnership with Caleb Williams. If the Bears do select Williams and hire Kingsbury, it will be an intriguing storyline to watch as the franchise looks to break free from its cycle of disappointment.

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