Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Have Hibachi Lunch Date Week After Explosive Fight

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The article starts by describing how Kim and Kroy are seemingly back on track after an explosive fight that led to their kids calling the cops. It mentions that they were seen having lunch together at a Japanese steakhouse and sushi joint.

The article includes an image of Kim and Kroy sitting at the hibachi grill during their lunch. It also mentions that Kim documented the date on social media and jokingly asked why Kroy doesn’t do knife tricks in the kitchen like the hibachi chef.

Another section of the article describes how the hibachi chef created a rice heart for Kim and Kroy, which she found cute. It emphasizes that they were both laughing and having a good time during the lunch, in contrast to the previous week when the cops were called to their home due to an explosive fight.

The article includes another video image of Kim and Kroy, highlighting their happy moments during the lunch. It mentions that the couple had been fighting over finances for weeks before the explosive fight.

The article concludes by stating that despite their financial troubles and ongoing divorce, Kim and Kroy continue to go out for fancy dinners and have fun together.

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