Israel’s Netanyahu Vows To ‘Finish The Job’ In Gaza Amid War With Hamas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, vowing to “finish the job.” A member of his War Cabinet has also threatened to invade the city of Rafah if Israeli hostages are not released by the upcoming Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Despite mounting pressure to halt the military offensive in Gaza, Netanyahu has remained resolute, promising to continue the operation. A member of his War Cabinet, retired general Benny Gantz said, “If by Ramadan our hostages are not home, the fighting will continue to the Rafah area,” reported the Associated Press.

Netanyahu’s government has not publicly discussed a timeline for a ground offensive on Rafah, where over half of the enclave’s 2.3 million Palestinians have sought refuge. Gantz, a member of Netanyahu’s three-member War Cabinet, is a significant voice but not the final authority on future actions.

Netanyahu has labeled the demands by Gaza’s ruling Hamas militant group as “delusional” amid faltering ceasefire negotiations. The U.S., Israel’s primary ally, still aims to broker a ceasefire and hostage-release agreement, envisioning a broader resolution of the war sparked by Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack in southern Israel.

The U.S. has also announced its intention to veto another draft U.N. resolution calling for a ceasefire. This move has been criticized by the international community, which largely supports an independent Palestinian state as part of a future peace agreement.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza has sparked international concern, with the International Criminal Court (ICC) raising alarms over the Israeli military operations in Rafah. The ICC prosecutor, Karim Ahmad Khan, expressed deep concerns over the reported bombardment and potential ground incursion by Israeli forces in Rafah, warning of an intensified focus on bringing those responsible to justice for potential violations of the Rome Statute.

Despite diplomatic efforts to restart ceasefire negotiations, Israel continued its bombing campaign after Prime Minister Netanyahu rejected a ceasefire proposal by Hamas. The U.S. has been seeking to secure a pause in the fighting before Israel potentially launches a ground assault on Rafah.

China has also issued a warning to Israel, cautioning of a potential “serious humanitarian disaster” in Gaza. This comes amid mounting international pressure on Israel to agree to a ceasefire with Hamas.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza and the refusal of Netanyahu to consider a ceasefire have raised concerns about the humanitarian situation in the region. International pressure is mounting on Israel to end the violence and seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold in the coming days and weeks.

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