Guess Who This Blonde Little Boy Turned Into!

is an HTML tag that is used to define a division or a section in a web page. It is commonly used to group and organize content, allowing for easier styling and manipulation using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JavaScript.

In the provided code snippet,

is used to enclose a gallery block and several text blocks within separate

tags. The gallery block contains an image and a link to an external website. The text blocks contain information about a person, their background, and their achievements.

The first

with the class “gallery-block” contains an tag with an image and a link to an article on TMZ’s website. This section showcases the transformation of a young child into a successful actor and singer. The image is displayed using the “img-fluid” class, making it responsive and adjusting its size according to the device’s screen.

The subsequent

tags with the class “canvas-block” enclose paragraphs that provide more details about the person’s journey. They mention the artist’s early days of making Justin Timberlake song covers, growing up in Queensland, Australia, and having a sibling in the entertainment industry. It also highlights the individual’s participation in Justin Bieber’s European tour and their appearance on “Dancing With The Stars.”

The last

tag includes a paragraph with a hyperlink asking the readers to guess the person’s identity. This link redirects to the same TMZ article mentioned in the first


In conclusion, the

tag, along with the nested

tags, is used to structure and group different content elements in a web page. It allows for better organization, styling, and interaction with the content using CSS and JavaScript.

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