Fisker’s Ocean SUV Fails To Impress YouTuber Marques Brownlee: ‘Not Acceptably Usable’ – Fisker (NYSE:FSR)

Popular tech YouTuber and automotive enthusiast Marques Brownlee recently reviewed Fisker Inc’s Ocean SUV and deemed it the worst car he has ever reviewed. In his review, Brownlee highlighted several issues with the vehicle, despite acknowledging its sound fundamentals.

Brownlee mentioned that there were red flags even before he got his hands on the Fisker Ocean. He received the vehicle from a Mitsubishi dealership in New Jersey because Fisker couldn’t arrange one for his review. Fisker apparently didn’t want Brownlee to review the vehicle initially and suggested waiting for a big software update.

Although the Fisker Ocean SUV offers ample space, good range, and an attractive design, Brownlee encountered several frequent errors with the vehicle. These included issues with the ADAS system, camera system, Bluetooth connectivity, and more. Additionally, the vehicle lacks features like brake hold, a glove box on the passenger side, and active key fob response. While the car features solar panels on the roof for energy storage, the software provides no information on energy levels or range impact. Brownlee also noted that the three drive modes didn’t offer significant changes in performance.

Despite these concerns, Brownlee acknowledged that an upcoming software update might address some of the issues. However, he expressed skepticism about the vehicle’s usability in the near future due to the numerous problems he encountered. The Fisker Ocean SUV reviewed by Brownlee was a launch edition called the Ocean One, priced at $68,999, with only 5000 units planned for production globally.

In addition to the vehicle’s performance issues, Fisker faces other challenges in the highly competitive electric SUV market. Competing with models like the Tesla Model Y, Mustang Mach-E, Ioniq 5, and EV6, the Fisker Ocean SUV starts at $38,999 for the Sport trim, with the higher-end Extreme trim priced at $61,499.

Furthermore, the U.S. auto safety regulator NHTSA recently opened an investigation into 4000 model year 2023 Ocean SUVs following complaints of unintended vehicle movement. Despite producing over 10,000 Ocean vehicles in 2023, Fisker delivered only approximately 4,700 units.

Fisker’s stock closed down 3.45% at $0.73 on Friday, reflecting a nearly 89% decline over the past year. The company continues to face challenges in the EV market, with ongoing concerns about the Ocean SUV’s performance and safety.

Overall, Marques Brownlee’s review sheds light on the issues plaguing the Fisker Ocean SUV and raises questions about the company’s ability to compete in the electric vehicle space. As Fisker works to address these challenges, consumers and investors will be closely watching for improvements in the Ocean SUV and the company’s overall performance in the market.

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