Britney Spears Not Working on New Album, Music Not On Her Mind

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The article discusses the current state of Britney Spears’ music career. It begins by mentioning that Britney has a lot on her mind, including the aftermath of her divorce and her longing for her sons. However, the article states that her music career is not one of her current priorities.

According to sources, recent reports of Britney working on her 10th studio album are not true, and there are no music-related projects in the works for her at the moment. The article also mentions that artists like Charli XCX and Julia Michaels are not communicating with Britney’s team, despite previous claims that they would be involved in her upcoming album.

Although a musical comeback may not be her priority right now, the article suggests that Britney may change her tune in the future. It acknowledges that her music took a back seat in recent years as she fought to break free from her conservatorship. However, her efforts paid off, although it strained her relationship with her father, Jamie Spears.

The article concludes by mentioning that it has been eight years since Britney’s last album, “Glory,” and a new album would be a real treat for her fans if she decides to focus on music again.

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