BMW Surges Ahead In EV Market Hitting 15% BEV Sales Goal In 2023, Plans To Sell Over Half A Million EVs This Year – BMW (OTC:BMWYY)

BMW Group Sets New Sales Record with 2.56 Million Units Sold in 2023

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), commonly known as BMW Group, announced that it achieved a new all-time high in sales with 2.56 million units sold in 2023, representing a 6.5% year-over-year increase. The company’s strong performance was driven by growth in battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales, which accounted for 15% of total sales across all regions.

The BMW brand, with a total of 2.25 million vehicles delivered to customers worldwide, experienced a 7.3% growth compared to the previous year. This growth can be attributed to the company’s successful expansion into the electric vehicle market. In the fourth quarter alone, BMW delivered 129,316 fully-electric vehicles to customers, representing a 47.7% increase.

BMW’s electric models saw significant growth in 2023, with a remarkable 92.2% increase. This strong performance allowed the BMW brand to maintain its position as the global leader in the premium segment. The company expects this trend to continue and aims to sell over half a million fully-electric vehicles in 2024.

Jochen Goller, a member of the BMW Board of Management, expressed confidence in the future of electric vehicles for the company. He stated, “We see continued high demand for our fully-electric products and, based on our strong, cross-brand product portfolio, expect to sell more than half a million fully-electric vehicles in 2024.”

The success of BMW Group’s electric vehicles reflects the growing global demand for sustainable transportation options. As governments and consumers increasingly prioritize environmental concerns, the automotive industry is undergoing a significant shift towards electric mobility. BMW has positioned itself as a key player in this transition, offering a range of electric models that cater to different market segments.

The company’s commitment to electric mobility is further evidenced by its partnerships and initiatives. BMW has collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to establish a joint venture for the development of next-generation electric vehicle technologies. Additionally, BMW is investing heavily in expanding its charging infrastructure to support the growing number of electric vehicles on the road.

While BMW Group’s sales record is cause for celebration, it also highlights the intense competition in the electric vehicle market. Rival automakers, such as Tesla, have also been experiencing strong sales and expanding their charging networks. Tesla, in particular, dominated the EV charging race in 2023 by installing 6,000 fast chargers, whereas other companies like ChargePoint and EVgo struggled to keep up.

In terms of market performance, BMWYY shares traded lower by 0.81% to $36.79 on the last check Tuesday. Despite this slight dip in stock value, the company’s strong sales record and commitment to electric mobility position it well for future success in an increasingly competitive market.

As BMW Group continues to innovate and expand its electric vehicle offerings, consumers can expect to see more exciting developments in the coming years. With its focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, BMW is poised to make a significant impact in the transition to a greener automotive industry.

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